9th Annual SUP4MS  - Paddleboard Fund Raiser on Lake Ontario 

How long will the paddle take?
The 7.5km will take roughly 1,5 hours.

Can I rent a SUP to participate?
No, however we will have a limited number of boards and paddles to borrow please make sure you're signed up to our sup4ms emails for availability.

Do I need a pfd, whistle, rope?
Yes. To follow safety protocol of Transport Canada you must have on board a pfd, whistle and throw rope. You do not need a leash but we recommend one if it's windy.http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/debs-obs-resources-menu-4139.htm

What experience or skill level should I be at to complete the 7.5km?
You should be able to handle a strong headwind, tailwind, or crosswind. Also you need to be comfortable in waves and chop in case we don't have ideal conditions. That being said, if the conditions are glassy the 10km paddle is an enjoyable distance and accessible to most paddlers. We paddle as a group so there will be a lot of support!

What should I bring on the paddle?
Pfd, whistle, throw rope, hydration pack, non-alcoholic drinks, food, board, paddle, leash, camera, phone with dry case, your friends and your biggest smile.

What kind of board should I use?
Whatever SUP you like, long or short, planning or displacement. However please keep in mind we'll paddle as a group so you may not want to have the fastest or slowest board. Also keep an eye on conditions and choose accordingly.

How should I train?
To keep it simple, paddle a couple times a week for a couple of hours in various conditions for choppy to glassy and you should be fine. At least try and get out once a week and dust off the rust. We paddle as a group so there will be plenty of support and encouragement.

What if there's lightening?
We will not run the paddle if there are thunderstorms and lightening.

Rain is in the forecast, will we still paddle?
Oh yeah!

What is the water temperature?
The water temperature on Lake Ontario can fluctuate drastically even in the summer, so be prepared for warmish water of 65-70 degrees to icy cold water between 45-55 degrees. Luckily, air temperatures at the end of June are smoking!

How old do you have to be to participate?
18 and older however if you're younger we definitely encourage you! We just need a parent or guardian's signature and approval.

Which way do I hold my paddle?
There's only one way to hold the paddle and that's with the blade angled away from you.

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